Access your portfolios, charts, research tools and education anywhere.
Our web-based tool is designed to simplify your stock research and improve your investment research efficiency.
Quickly view market-oriented research pages, scan through thousands of stock and ETFs for the best investment opportunities.

From anywhere in the world that you have an Internet connection, you will have access to your personal investment portfolios, interactive charts, powerful analysis tools and hundreds of hours of education
The Market Point tool consists of five sections:
Charts Stock Watch Market Calendar Campus


Simple for a beginner, yet powerful enough for the tenured trader.
Use the InvestView Market Point charts to analyze mutual funds, ETFs, stocks and options on a colorful, interactive chart. Analyze the charts as you desire with access to over 75 technical indicators.

Mark up the charts with red and green arrows, horizontal price/support/resistance lines, vertical time stamp lines, diagonal trend lines and Fibonacci retracements.

Stock Watch

Find, track group and research your equities.
The easiest way to keep track of all of your current investments and investment ideas is with InvestView's portfolios. Multiple portfolios are available for different investment ideas. The Stock Watch section of Market Point lets you instantly analyze your investments with the proprietary InvestView 4-Step Process.

In the Stock Watch section, you have access to a plethora of fundamental data on your investments, including industry comparisons, performance info, analysts' estimates and profitability.

To help you find equities to trade we have compiled over 30 scans. From candle stick patterns to breakouts, our powerful tool scans data fast to provide you accurate information.

Finally, for those of you tapping the power and leverage of options, the Stock Watch section provides options data at your fingertips, including customizable options chains and options Greeks.


Understanding what the markets are doing is vital to every investor.
At InvestView, you have access to charts and data on U.S. sectors, industries and broad markets, as well as insight into international markets. You also have access to a quick overview of market sentiment to better understand the current psychology of the market.

Want to see which stocks are today's movers and shakers? In the Market section of Market Point, you have access to today's top point gainers/losers, top percentage gainers/losers and top volume traded stocks. Search for the best and worst stocks in the market right now using InvestView's proprietary searches. Check all of the latest news headlines and stocks in the news – all available in the Market section.


Keep track of Market events as well as educational classes.
Driving a fast sports car down a windy mountain road can be thrilling. So can investing in the stock market. Driving that same sports car down that same windy mountain road while wearing blinders can be catastrophic. So can investing in the stock market without paying attention to news.

In the Calendar section of Market Point, you have access to the most critical upcoming economic events that could affect the stock market and your personal investments. The Calendar section also highlights which stocks are splitting their price or are being upgraded/downgraded by leading professional analysts.

Our Calendar section would not be complete without the full schedule of upcoming live webinar investing courses that are available to our members. You can quickly identify which classes will best match your personal schedule.


Your education-all on one location.
Welcome to the Internet's premier stock market education. While many educators charge $5,000, $12,000, $24,000 or even $30,000 for investor education, we take a more sane (and affordable) approach. We provide an equivalent education for an affordable monthly membership fee.

With an InvestView education, you'll have money left over to invest in the markets.

The Campus section provides access to hundreds of hours of archived training videos on-demand, over a thousand pages of online manuals with plenty of examples and our newsletter archives, where you can get updates on the market and track the progress of real-time trades that we have outlined for our members.